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Client Campaign Manager

Duluth, Ga · Customer Service
Position Description
Client Campaign Manager
The Customer Factory
Title: Client Campaign Manager for a Growing Online Agency That's Healing the World
We are a professional online agency using cutting edge internet marketing techniques to promote the new “Healthcare without side effects” movement. We connect people in pain and disability with the practitioners in their area who can best help them avoid a lifetime of medications and life-altering surgery. 
At the same time, we assist beleaguered doctors in building successful practices so they can serve their communities with new high-tech healthcare solutions that save and change lives.
We are looking for someone sharp, hardworking and aggressive who is looking for a chance to prove their value in our growing company while making a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people.
Do not apply for this job if you are looking to just “get by” and take it easy. We have built a hard working, result oriented organization where we look to bring out the best in each person. Slackers, loafers and fakers get eaten alive at our place. There is room for advancement for people working in the main office in Duluth but you must survive long enough to make it that far.
Full time (40 hrs per week). An hourly or salaried employee (or can be an Independent Contractor if remotely employed).
Production Division, Department of Campaigns (Client Services)
Reports To:
Lead Campaign Manager
This position will be executed from our office in Duluth, Ga. You will need reliable transportation as there is no public transport there. It is possible that this position is accomplished as an Independent Contractor in a location remote from our office location. 
Role of Position:
For several years the company has been successful as an online agency deploying Facebook and other online marketing campaigns primarily for chiropractors (plus dentists and veterinarian offices). Our client list is growing rapidly and we need to recruit and train additional personnel to service the demand for our services.
The person hired now may become eligible to be promoted to an executive position in the future but only for those working at the main office in Duluth, Georgia.  Any promotions would be based on the needs of the company, other personnel issues, your personal performance statistics and exhibiting the needed soft and hard skills.
Position History:
John Nesbit, a successful entrepreneur, started the agency in 2014 after achieving personal significant healthcare success with a medically integrated chiropractor. Recognizing that this new superior form of healthcare is sorely under marketed in the United States, John set the purpose for the company to help save American healthcare by popularizing this philosophy of healthcare that deals with underlying causes rather than just treating symptoms with medications and surgery. 
His background is as a full partner in a Chicago ad agency servicing Fortune 500 companies. At the highest levels of the agency business, clients expect and pay for an elite level of service. John's idea was to make that level of service affordable and accessible to local healthcare offices, who typically find themselves very poorly serviced by the current vendors.
Thus, one of the first hires made was a Campaign Manager to ensure the new clients he attracted were receiving top-notch and personal service.  At that time a Campaign Manager not only planned and coordinated with clients but also executed major parts of the creative process using online marketing platforms. 
However, since then, a Creative Department and other positions have been established to support the Campaign Manager position. Thus the position has become less technical/creative and more client communication oriented as the main company interface between our clients and the company.
In an industry where many “agencies” are actually self-taught amateurs working on a shoestring, the professionalism our Campaign Managers exhibit is a welcome change to clients looking for results and not excuses.
Our agency is atypical in that our client turnover rate is much slower than most online agencies. This is even more astounding when you discover that we do not require clients to sign any long term contracts.  John Nesbit, our Founder, believes that “Performance is the best contract.” 
Because we are not the least expensive option in the marketplace, many times clients have stopped service to go try a lower-priced competitor. In a very large percentage of those cases, the client has returned to our agency, preferring our level of service and reliable, predictable results. When it counts, they are willing to pay us more.
The Campaign Manager has always been our company's primary contact point for clients and provides direct service to them. They represent the client's interests internally in the company. The main role is in coordinating the clients' needs and making sure our services are meeting them. 
Specific Challenges:
This position requires a very high level of communication skill, some creative problem solving and administrative organizational skills. You are dealing with clients who are intelligent, but who usually do not really understand what we do, so you need thick skin and patience sometimes.
You will need to be comfortable speaking to doctors in a professional capacity including the ability to handle their confusions about marketing. Highly trained professionals such as these clients are often reluctant to admit they do not understand something. You will need to explain things to them without embarrassing them.
Almost every one of our clients has been failed in the past by a previous marketing vendor who over-promised and under-delivered. Your role helps differentiate us from their past failures by providing much of the communication and service that earlier vendors did not provide.
Client contact can only be done effectively during the somewhat narrow business hours when offices are open. Some clients are best reached via phone, some email and some only via text. Close contact and an understanding of each doctor's marketing goals is essential. 
Doctors are the decision makers usually.  Their Office Managers and New Patient Schedulers can heavily influence the Doctors decisions and are easier to access. 
One specific recurring challenge is that, for new clients, when our program generates new patient traffic in an office it can cause there to be extra work for the doctor's staff. Sometimes the client’s own staff will resent this extra work and will attempt to get the doctor to stop the program by presenting false pictures of our service or quality. Sometimes doctors will lash out before they fully understand what is happening. We have successful ways of handling this that you will need to follow. 
You will need to become adroit at handling these doctors and their staff with logic, facts, statistics and unflinching communication.
Promptness is vital. We never make our clients wait. Communications from a client are to be handled swiftly within the same business day in most cases. Answers are to be coherent and show understanding of the client's needs and the actions required. The clients must never feel that we are inattentive or are brushing off their concerns. 
This position requires constant training and adherence to company policy to be successful. We are constantly seeking to improve/expand how we operate.
Because we service many people who are in the Alternative Healthcare Market you must be understanding and cognizant of the differences between traditional medicine and holistic medicine. The clients you come into contact with may vary across the spectrum from Medical Doctor to Naturopath. A big part of our company purpose is to help the American public discover a superior approach to healthcare.
You will also be expected to learn how to deal with different types of clients as we expand to industries outside of the healthcare space. 
One final challenge is that the company is growing swiftly. It has doubled in size each of the last three years. That growth is likely to continue with more new services being added. In fast-moving organizations there are sometimes confusions and changes that are unexpected. You will be required to “roll with the punches” as we find our way from being a mid-level agency to a top-tier agency in our industry. 
Services Involved:
You will be contacting our existing Clients (currently Chiropractors, Medical doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians) regarding their internet marketing campaigns on facebook, Google and other platforms.
Job Purposes:
To service and retain clients by helping them be as successful as possible with our services.
To interface between our company and the clients so that we can adjust service levels and responses for maximum benefit. 
To keep management informed of what clients are saying and their reactions.
Performance expectations:
Ultimately, client success with our campaigns is measured with positive acknowledgement by the Client that they are making money with our campaign services. We directly ask them about their return on investment (ROI) regularly. This type of client acknowledgement and their overall client retention rate are key ways we measure the success of our Campaign Managers. 
As Campaign Manager, you will be expected to help our clients use our services and build their practices.
You will also be expected to coordinate our services to help turn around the occasional new client who comes to us in desperate condition. 
Key performance metrics for this position are:
Number of Clients you manage who are making money with our Campaigns (get a good return on investment) and acknowledge that they are.
The retention rate of clients managed.
Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities:
You will handle requests and other service communications from the client and their staff.
You will need to conduct phone and/or video training with a client and their staff on occasion and ensure they know how to interface with and fully profit from our services.
You'll be expected to represent your clients at our daily internal technical service conferences (internally called “Hangouts”) where you will help develop plans for maintaining an acceptable level of success for each.
You will insist clients to train their staff on our scheduling training program (so they get the best results from our lead generation program).
Recommending expanded services to clients when appropriate. (There are sometimes bonuses attached to upselling clients). 
Referring clients in trouble to our quality control area.
Encouraging clients to refer us new business under our client referral rewards program.
Doing regular checks with the client to ensure they are making money with our program and know it.
Other duties as specified in company policy and by management.
Setting correct expectations with clients regarding their campaigns.
Getting the clients each into honest,  two-way communication with us so they are not withholding any relevant communications, concerns, upsets or confusions from us. 
Properly informing each client of the actual performance of their campaign.
Dealing directly with the client, not via an underling who could be adding distortions.
Being in regular communication with the client and documenting all meaningful communications in their electronic file.
Giving the client the information the client feels they need to make decisions about our services and understand why we recommend the changes we do.
Getting the client to realize they are making money with our program and ensuring they feel confident we are a partner with them in building their practice and are the best such partner they could have.
Ensuring the client feels we have things smoothly and confidently under control.
All communication to the client reinforces their confidence in us.
Getting the client to feel like he has been listened to and understood fully.
Ensuring each client has an effective new patient scheduling process and are managing it so as to make the most of every new patient opportunity we send them.
Giving the clients better service than they expected.
Giving clients the impression they are getting special attention.
Giving clients the impression they do not need to manage us, we’ve got this.
Ensuring clients have no confusions about any aspect of our services.
Ensuring clients are confident enough that they do not feel the need to give us marketing advice, that we are well established, competent professionals in this area.
Ensuring clients are making use of every one of our services that would benefit them.
Ensuring clients are so happy that they would not dream of leaving us.
Learning and applying material so as to ensure HIPAA compliance in our relationship with our clients. 
Relaying vital marketing information from the client to our Creative Services Department.
Ensuring that client campaigns are correct before they launch. 
Other duties as assigned. 
Required Technical Competencies:
Use of computer and internet applications for communications and VOIP (Internet phone) and Facebook.
Skill in persuasive communications, verbal and written.
Use of systems such as Google Docs and Gmail.
Fluent English language speaking and writing skills.
Good personal organizational skills.
Must be able to read and follow directions, procedures, company policy, etc.
Teamwork and coordination:
Hourly coordination with your team members for technical delivery.
Daily and weekly communication with clients.
Coordinating with each division of the company per training clearly laid out in company policy.
Education Requirements:
Personality and Behavioral Requirements:
Must like a challenging work environment where you are expected to grow and improve your skills and abilities.
We use the Hubbard Management System as taught by the Hubbard Colleges of Administration. You must be willing to be trained and operate within our management system and company policy.
Must value personal integrity and honesty over immediate advantage.
Must be willing to have evidence of your production levels displayed openly on graphs in the office.
Punctuality in keeping work schedules and keeping appointments.
Must be coachable and willing to accept constructive criticism and make corrections related to your job performance and functions.
Unfortunately, there's a natural human tendency to avoid communication when things are not going well.  A required skill of any service person, administrative person or Executive in our company is the ability to overcome that natural tendency to withdraw and instead and meet challenges with MORE personal communication, rather than less. 
Must be performance-driven and able to get the job done.
Must be able to constantly keep contact records and administrative details up to date.
Must be an excellent communicator with a high affinity for people.
Must be comfortable making calls to clients, even if they are sometimes upset.
Must have a high level of persistence and be able to communicate confidently.
Must not be easily discouraged.
Must like to contribute to the overall expansion of the organization and appreciate how your actions impact the rest of the team and company.
Must not mind pitching in on another area the company when extra effort is needed. 
Must be a creative problem solver.
Must have a good tolerance of high pressure and the need to make performance quotas.
Must be able to maintain a high level of professionalism and no matter what attitude the other person is presenting.
You must be upbeat, outgoing and get along well with others.
You must show high responsibility and ability to work independently within the parameters of company policy.
You must feel personally responsible for the condition of your production area.
Desired or required experience (or equivalent):
Comfortable with computers and internet communication, Gmail, Facebook, Chrome, Google Docs.
Customer Service
Formal Testings and Evaluations
The following tests and assessments will be required on qualified applicants for this position:
1. Personality test
2. Intelligence test
3. General aptitude test
4. Standard background and reference checks.
Position Impact on Company:
The company is growing with a proven successful service that is desired by its target market. This position involves servicing clients in an already successful operation. Success in this position could contribute to an overall wide expansion of the company and blaze the trail for future expansion and scalability of our main delivery of services to our clients.
Failures in this position are likely to do significant strategic harm to the company, waste resources and delay client stability and expansion.  So if you can’t take the pressure and rise to a challenge, this is not for you.
We have a rapid onboarding process for this position and general and specialist training for the position.  We have several other Campaign Managers doing the job successfully now. 
Management Style:
The company uses the Hubbard Management System. This includes “management by statistics” wherein objective statistical measurements are kept on all meaningful production and activity. Every position, including this one, has one or more direct statistic based measurements of its productivity. These are counted, graphed, displayed and compared on an ongoing basis.
Generally, staff with rising statistics are protected and rewarded, those who are not viable are at risk.
Office politics are minimized as production measurements are plainly evident to everyone. Inactive, troubled or non-productive areas can easily be identified and targeted for correction. 
A core part of the Hubbard Management System style involves job training and positive correction of staff. Stability comes from having clear expectations, from knowing your job well, being able to demonstrate great competence in it and then being allowed to get on with it.
People who are not there to contribute positively to the team stand out quickly in this group and are not kept around.
Hard work and diligence, intelligent effort during work time are demanded, but staying late, long afterhours is frowned upon.  Work/life balance is valued.
There are daily “product conferences” where division heads coordinate and work out the day's activities.  There are weekly all-staff meetings where important news about the company and the team is shared, planning is discussed and victories are celebrated.
Starting wage is $15.00 an hour as an Employee with the future potential of salaried compensation and paid time off.
There are company-wide bonus games from time-to-time as well as production games to win lunches and/or other rewards.
Training program:
There is an in-house training program  for The Hubbard Management System and specialized materials  from it designed to stabilize employees and help them become competent and effective at their positions.
All employees are expected to do paid training on our management system and relevant company policies. They are then trained and apprenticed to be a specialist in their own positions with the goal of complete mastery of the position with resultant statistical proof.
There is also initial paid training on the HIPAA requirements of the job so that patients healthcare information can be properly safeguarded.
Performance appraisals:
Regular performance reviews are conducted based on our standard procedures. Your statistical production and your study of and adherence to company policies weigh heavily in such appraisals.
Career Opportunities:
This is a permanent, full-time position. 
The company is growing rapidly and management is currently assembling its core team for long-term growth. Having passed the seven-figure mark in revenue recently, the company looks forward to passing the eight-figure mark within 3 years.
The Campaign Manager position is one of the first positions created in the company and is and will likely always be a permanent part of the company’s delivery process going forward.
We are an equal opportunity employer. 

Priscilla McPhaul
 Vice-President Human Resources
The Customer Factory

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