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Marketing Content Project Manager

Duluth, Ga · Marketing/Public Relations

NOTE: This Job Ad scares away 95% of people who read it. If you are one of the other 5%,  this might be for you.
I am looking to fill the position of Internet Marketing Production Assistant and have them join my team of internet marketing gurus in Duluth, GA.

The Job:
Perform duties of a production assistant in our Creative Department to assist in creating and deploying online new patient marketing campaigns for our clients on Facebook, Google and elsewhere. The work involves developing and deploying landing pages, websites, ads, copy, content, and graphics per our existing procedures that get results.  Sounds easy? Keep reading.
About The Company:
My Company, The Customer Factory (TCF) is a fast-growing and ruthlessly well organized online marketing agency that generates new patients for chiropractors, dentists, and other professionals nationwide.
Our work helps thousands of people monthly by getting them to take action that ultimately improves their health and quality of life through the services our clients offer. Our staff feel good knowing that they are making a positive difference in peoples lives.
Of course, we only make money if our clients make money and that requires high standards and precision. Marketing services is a cut-throat industry and only the strongest and smartest survive.  Luckily, we have some secret sauce and special advantages that make us a predator in this environment, not prey.
Our temporary offices are located at:
1856 Buford Hwy, Suite 104, Duluth, Ga., 30097. You must have a reliable car as there is no Public Transit system near this location. The company will likely be relocating to a larger permanent facility in 2020 somewhere in the same general area.
Office Environment:
If the US Marine Corps had a combat marketing team, it might look like us. Ours is a challenging and results-based work environment best suited for career-minded people willing to learn new skills, apply themselves, and reach for higher goals as part of a like-minded team.
I want to attract people who are seeking a challenge and career opportunity, not just a job. We are also an Equal Opportunity Employer.  It’s challenging here. We care a lot about our people. We can have a lot of fun together and do. However, if you’re flaky or irresponsible, if you continue to make the same mistakes over and over, if you cause problems and won’t correct, or the staff here get hampered by your lack of real production, our team will reject you. And that’s just your fellow employees!
Status and Compensation:
Full-time, on-site, 40 hrs a week, hourly wage, entry level, $15/hr to start. Impress and you get raises. Disappoint and get the boot.
The company is growing rapidly and I’m currently assembling a core team for long-term growth. I want you to succeed and move up rapidly and I promote from within the company whenever possible.
If you make it in our organization you will have the pride of being part of one of the most effective online marketing companies serving our industry.
I created an in-house training program for my staff that creates unparalleled competence and skill for those that can apply and learn.  Want to be in the top 1% of online marketers? It takes this kind of top-level training and environment.
Management by Statistics:
We are a highly disciplined, highly organized group.  That means your production will be measured by your individual production statistics on a daily and weekly basis as well as how your personal production contributes to the overall results of the area.  
You have likely never seen a company run in this way. Slackers and clock-punchers hate it. Productive people love it.
At-Will Employment:
Productivity, punctuality, and honesty required.
Soft Skills Required:
  • You must also be a creative and analytical problem solver. You have to have an artistic side to you. The analytical side has to reign supreme over that artistic bent.
  • You have to be a highly organized, person who can keep creative elements very well organized and accessible for future use.
  • You have to be able to think for yourself. You'll be required to observe marketing campaigns and draw logical conclusions on whats working and what’s not, then make adjustments that improve results.
  • You have to be persistent and not get easily discouraged.
  • You have to be comfortable and well versed with computers and online systems. (Have trouble using Facebook or your email? Don't bother applying.)
  • Must be a fast learner - it's an essential skill here.
  • Must be flexible. We’re growing so your duties or work could change dramatically.
  • You must also be coachable. If you think you already “know all about” online marketing then your mind is closed and we can’t train you = useless to us.
  • You have to have enough confidence in your own abilities to make it in a constantly challenging environment.
  • This ad has to scare you a bit - but if you are still reading it, you’re probably the type of person I am looking for.  You must want a challenge, not just a job. Put the word  "Challenge"  in your application to us and I'll know you actually too the time to read this. 
High School or equivalent. A degree is not necessary but can give you some useful training and experience in the skills required.
Excellent English grammar, spelling, and composition are required as you will write copy seen by millions of people.  Check your resume and application for errors - we will.
Soft Skills Testing/Background and Reference Checks:
Standard General Soft Skills, IQ and Aptitude testing is done here and online, background and reference checks are done as well. We’re careful about who we bring gin to our well-oiled machine.
How to apply:
The application for this position is at jobs.thecustomerfactory.net.
John Nesbit
The Customer Factory

Or Contact:
Priscilla McPhaul
 Vice-President Human Resources
The Customer Factory

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