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Outbound Caller/Appointment Setter

Duluth, GA · Sales

Job Description


Outbound Appointment Setter




Outbound B2B Appointment Setter


Legal Status:


Salaried employee. $15 per hour to start.




Expansion Division (Public Contact Department, Dept 17)


Reports To:


Call Center Manager 




This position will be executed from our office in Duluth, Ga. You will need reliable transportation if executing from our office as there is no public transport there. THE POSITION CAN BE HELD REMOTELY BUT THE PERSON WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR PROMOTION WITHIN THE COMPANY WHILE REMOTE. 


Role of Position:


The company has been successful with inbound marketing but it has been determined that outbound marketing will be an absolutely essential ingredient in future growth. Management expects this department to evolve into a fully functioning Call Center within the next year.


Position History:


This position has had much research, development and attention put on it in the last year.  


Specific Challenges:


Administrative systems need to be smoothed out so as to allow for maximum production.


Calling and texting can only be done effectively during the somewhat narrow hours when offices are open.


Staying optimistic and having a positive attitude when doctors are not responding immediately. 


Doctors are the decision-makers usually and are well defended by “gatekeepers.” However, Office Managers can heavily influence the Doctor’s decisions and are easier to access and build a relationship with.


We often have more prospective people to contact than we have time to deal with. Judgment must be developed to determine who are the prospects most deserving of our attention. 


Services Involved:


You will be contacting prospects for our multi-tier new patient marketing services. As a relationship-building step, it is envisioned you may start by gaining the trust of prospects by offering them resources and developing a relationship with them.


Prospects are all chiropractors and medically integrated chiropractors. Later other healthcare professionals may be included such as dentists and veterinarians.


Job Purpose:


This is a critical Sales support and appointment setting function. The purpose of the job is to capitalize on building brand awareness in this market and introduce us and our services to the most likely prospects. The top wanted results are sales appointments set and kept.


Performance Expectations:


Generating a sufficient number of appointments set that our Sales Department is continually busy speaking to qualified prospects. The estimate is that three kept appointments per day would be viable.


Key performance metrics for this position are:


Amount of communication out

Amount of Engagement from Prospects 

Contacted Decision-makers

Appointments Set

Appointments kept (with Sales)


Daily production is measured on a tally sheet. Weekly is graphed as compared to previous weeks.


Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities:


Assisting the Call Center Manager with establishing an operational Call Center.

Working out successful scripts, procedures, and tactics to use to contact and build relationships with prospects.

Improvement of the prospecting system.


Refinement of administrative and tracking of prospects.


Calling and texting potential prospects, to gain their trust and build a relationship with them.


Interest them in booking a free online demonstration of our Multi-Tier New Patient Generation Services and failing that, offering our guides to help them now. 


Making calls/texts to warm prospects (people who have done an action (such as downloading a video or a checklist)  and have interacted with us and offering to set up a free service demonstration.


Sending warm prospecting emails and text messages.


Pre- qualifying all prospects before moving them on to Sales.


And other duties assigned.


Required Technical Competencies:


Use of computer and internet applications for communications and VOIP (Internet phone).


Skill in persuasive communications, verbal and written.


Use of systems such as Google Docs and Gmail.


Fluent English language speaking and writing skills.


Good personal organizational skills.


Maintaining company HIPAA compliance (training provided)


Must be able to read and follow directions, procedures, company policy, etc.


Teamwork and Coordination:


As a still-developing area, coordination with your immediate senior will be critical. Ultimately it is envisioned this area would grow into a team of its own accomplishing its purposes at scale. This project has the attention of top management as it has been identified as a potential game-changer for the company.


Coordination will also be required with the Sales Department regarding the scheduling of appointments using the online scheduling system plus feedback on prospects good and bad.


Coordination with Department 16 will also be required regarding the quality and amount of new prospects added to the system.


Personality and Behavioral Requirements:


Must like a challenging work environment where you are expected to grow and improve your skills and abilities.


Must be willing to be trained to operate within our management system and company policy.


Must value personal integrity and honesty over immediate advantage.


Punctuality in keeping work schedules and keeping follow-up appointments with prospects.


Must be willing to accept constructive criticism and correction related to your job functions.


Must be performance-driven and able to get the job done.


Must be able to keep contact records and administrative details up to date.


You must like the challenge of starting a new activity.


You must be an excellent communicator with a high affinity for prospective clients.


You must be comfortable making cold/warm calls and talking to new people.


You must have an extremely high level of persistence and be able to communicate confidently.


You must not be easily discouraged.


You must like to contribute to the overall expansion of the organization and appreciate how your actions impact the rest of the team and company.


You must be a creative problem solver.


You must have a good tolerance of high pressure and the need to make performance quotas.


You must be able to maintain a high level of professionalism and no matter what attitude the prospect is presenting.


You must be upbeat and outgoing and get along well with others.


You must show high responsibility and the ability to work independently within the parameters of company policy.


You must feel personally responsible for your personal level of production.


Desired or required experience (or equivalent):






Phone sales or appointment setting.

Call Center experience.


Formal Testings and Evaluations:


The following tests and assessments will be required on qualified applicants for this position:


1. Personality (Soft Skills) test

2. Intelligence test

3. General aptitude test

4. Standard background and reference checks.


Position Impact on Company:


The company is growing with a proven successful service that is desired by its target market. This position involves including more clients in an already successful operation. Success in this position could contribute to an overall wide expansion of the company as it would validate the Call Center initiative and blaze the trail for future expansion and scalability of the Call Center.


Failures in this position are not likely to do significant strategic harm to the company beyond wasted resources and delay.


It is expected that in the beginning there will be more failures than successes as successful actions and strategies are derived for accomplishing the Outbound Caller’s purpose.


Management Style:


The company uses the Hubbard Management System. This includes “management by statistics” wherein objective statistical measurements are kept on production and activity. Every position, including this one,  has one or more direct statistical-based measurements of its productivity and these are graphed, displayed and compared. 


Office politics is minimized as production measurements are plainly evident. Inactive, troubled or non-productive areas can easily be identified and targeted for correction. 


A core part of the Hubbard Management System style involves job training and positive correction of staff. Stability comes from having clear expectations, from knowing your job well, being able to demonstrate great competence in it and then being allowed to get on with it.


Unfortunately, there's a natural human tendency to avoid communication when things are not going well.  A required skill of any service person, any administrative person or Executive in our company is the ability to overcome that natural tendency to withdraw and instead and meet challenges with MORE personal communication, rather than less. 


There are daily “product conferences” where division heads coordinate and work out the day's activities.  There are weekly staff meetings where important news about the company and the team is shared, planning discussed and victories are celebrated.


Company-wide production games are often in effect for cash bonuses and/or prizes such as lunch outings.




Starting salary ranges from $31,500 to $33,500 per year depending on experience and skill level.


Once the Call Center is operational, performance bonuses will be introduced.

There are company-wide bonus games from time-to-time as well as production games to win lunches and/or other prizes.


Training program:


There is an in-house training program for the Hubbard Management System and specialized materials designed to stabilize employees and help them become competent and effective at their positions.


All employees are expected to do paid training on our management system, company policies, and training materials. They are then trained and apprenticed to be a specialist in their own positions with the goal of complete mastery of the position. 


Performance appraisals:


Regular performance reviews are conducted based on our standard procedures. Your statistical production and your study of and adherence to company policies weigh heavily in such appraisals.


Career Opportunities:


This is a permanent position.


The company is growing rapidly and management is currently assembling its core team for long-term growth. Having passed the seven-figure mark in revenue recently the company looks forward to passing the eight-figure mark within 3 years and is pursuing strategies to reach the nine-figure revenue mark.


The Call Center is envisioned to be a permanent part of the company’s sales process going forward. The person in this position will have been a part of the establishment of the Call Center and will be considered for elevated positions within the company when that is successful.


Priscilla McPhaul
 Vice-President Human Resources
The Customer Factory

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